I'm Paul Krix and I am the designer behind Krix. The most unusual thing about my label is my design process. I'm a programmer as well as a designer so I outsource some of the design work to my computer.

I write a custom piece of software for each line of jewellery which creates design files for each piece almost ready to manufacture. It’s a bit of a trade off because it means there is a massive amount of work at the start of the process but then for every new piece I can take a step back and take more of a curatorial role, selecting which designs get made and which don’t make the cut.

In my jewellery people can expect to find bright colours and abstract shapes with a clear influence of nature. Everything I produce is a one-off (except for one piece).

Krix Jewellery is currently available from handsomepretty at the Lonsdale Street Traders in Braddon, Portrait Gallery Store at the National Portrait Gallery and will be on sale at Hustle&Scout Twilight Fashion Market 5 July from 3-8pm at the Nishi Building in NewActon.

[email protected]